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April 24th, 2014 | By trader | Published in LUNCH IS FOR WIMPS | Comments on this postNo Comments »

Gold trading in the U.K.’s wholesale market was muted last week resulting to a failure to break more than 0.5 % on either side of the projected $1300 per ounce while equities went up amidst fresh military altercation in eastern Ukraine. Likewise, silver prices went up to nearly $19.8 per ounce but held almost 2 % down for the week so far which was twice the drop in gold.

Moreover, gold trading had also a very cold start of the week according to a technical analysis from a bullion division, Scotia Mocatta. In addition, the circumstance of such poor performance has prevented them from a bullish view and have shifter to neutral.

As startling as it was, the sell-off in gold was most likely due to the heavy stop-loss liquidation with several stresses in gold trading as the price went down through its 200-day moving average at the $1300 level.

Plummeting some $15 per ounce just in the span of several minutes based on the note, gold’s trading action was a stern warning of an indicative stops that were set off. With the playing catch-up in last week’s drop in New York futures, Shanghai prices expanded the fall to end the trade equal to $1,299 per ounce – a discount of $3.5 to London quotes of last week’s trade.

Gold trading was likewise vigorous with the Shanghai Gold exchange seeing the strongest volume in its most dynamic spot contract in the course of just three weeks. Despite China’s retail sales growing sharply during the final months of the 1st quarter rising 12.2 % by value from the same month last year, other aspects that affected performance include sales of silver and gold with the jewellery market falling 6.1 % correspondingly.

Predicting a year of consolidation for an increase in gold demand in China for this year after a large consumer response the year’s prior gold price cash, a new report from a market-development organisation the World Gold Council last week that the demand for physical gold is most likely to expand over the medium term as the middle class of China grows from 300 to 400 million by the end of the decade.

Over-stocking approach by Chinese wholesalers is now capping new demand which reckons several analysts who predicted that there will be less metal that will be drawn out of the U.S. Comex warehouses that will be exported to Asia which had been considered relatively strong for a full year already.

Yet, with the gold stockpiles in U.S. Comex warehouses expanding to new 10-month highs, the expenditures of short-term gold loans in the U.K. incidentally increased to an eight-month high which is indicative of a tighter supply in the global wholesale market.

Finally, the one-month GOFO rates which is an incentive provided to prospective borrowers who much pay storage and lose cash interest during the term of a loan, just recently went down to negative 0.11 % in an annual prospective. Furthermore, this just means that London bullion lenders are asking the highest payment since August of last year as the surge in last year’s Asian demand pulled gold out of London’s storage.

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