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Plus500 is one of the largest trading companies online. Offering a variety of trading instruments and benefits which you can’t find anywhere else. Trading instruments include stocks, Forex, indices and commodities like gold, silver and oil all in one place! Please submit your rating & leave a review below.

For more information on/and the latest news and promos from Plus500 please go to their full broker review page on CFDSpy’s main site.

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8 Responses to “Plus500”

  1. Very good forex broker, nice platform but no hedging available, I like this broker, I rate them 4

  2. best broker good for newcomers easy to use i rate you 5

  3. Very simple platform packed with huge number of tradeable instruments!. I love WTI(crude oil). Hope the withdrawals are processed faster. i`ll give 5 upon 5!.

  4. Very good to start with. Very simple and easy to use. Extra bonuses makes it more better and unlimited demo options to learn for beginners. I give 4 . Cheers.

  5. An excellent platform and program to spend your free time only for recreation purposes.


    While you lose your hard earned money everything is ok, up until you make any profit or decide to withdraw your earnings.

    They lock your account with the excuse that you have violated the user agreement.

    KEEP AWAY FROM plus500 at all cost.

  6. boygoondoo Says:

    simple platform and easy to use. but beware as the International Financial Services Commission of Belize has published a warning and order for Plus500 to cease operations as they are not licensed to operate. See

  7. boygoondoo Says:

    someone I know traded with Plus500 for 2 weeks and made some profits. but when he wanted to withdraw his profits he was accused of wrong doing. his account was terminated and lost his profits.

  8. M.B. Morley Says:

    The Plus500 platform is extremely accessible, very simple to use and very basic in it’s functionality. They offer a reasonable range of CFDs on forex, commodities, ETF, Indices and a few major companies (UK, EU and US) which allows you to vary your strategy within a limited, but uncomplicated framework.Their leverage is good, making this a seemingly cheap and attractive option for playing the markets.

    Stops, Closes, Trailing Stops and Orders all function well, and the actioning of orders is satisfyingly rapid, but I remain somewhat suspicious of the total accuracy of their realtime information (i.e. compared to another platform I have been running). My personal experience of contact with their support staff has been almost entirely positive, including the refund of a significant loss incurred when one stock was temporarily untradeable, leaving me unable to protect my position. I have yet to attempt drawing down a profit.

    I am aware of the structure of the business, and the various warnings issued regarding their legitimacy in certain countries, but I am satisfied that enough information exists to enable tracing and prosecution if they do in fact behave fraudulently.

    HOWEVER…for those of you who are tempted into downloading and using their platform, be aware that many of their spreads on Buy and Sell quotes are very high when compared to other, equally easily available trading platforms (eg. Apple @ 0.30, Google @ 0.65, Wheat contracts @ 1.25!).

    Some are about equal (eg. Gold @ 0.65, Oil futures @ 0.05), and there are some cheaper spreads (Silver @ 0.45, Cotton contracts @ 0.19), BUT their premiums on both Buy and Sell are also very high by comparison, notably charging you a premium on Sell positions rather than paying interest in almost every case.

    My guess is that they are either working with a brokerage which charges very high commissions (perhaps in direct partnership), or they are adding their own premium on top. Either way, the Plus500 platform is not the cheapest way to access the markets.

    Finally, whether by deliberate design or negligence, the only window which cannot be maximized is your deposit summary. This window is also the only one which doesn’t show a running total, making it difficult to easily calculate how much you have committed to your account (and therefore how much you may have lost!). Charting tools are also minimal and there are almost no outside links or additional information available directly through the platform.

    For alternative platforms, equally accessible, cheaper and much more comprehensive, try AvaFX or IGMarkets. Be prepared for a much steeper learning curve however, the main attraction of Plus500 is it’s relative simplicity!


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