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Settled (Closed) Position – closed positions for which all needed transactions has been made.

Settled Position

Short Selling: Selling before you buy or  Taking a sell entry position (going Short) and buying back at a lower price The opposite of going Long (taking a Buy entry position)

Short Selling

Slippage – The execution of an order at a price that is different than expected, the main reasons for slippage are – “fast” market, low liquidity and the broker’s inability to execute orders rapidly.


Spread – The difference between the bid and ask prices for a currency pair.


Stop-Loss Order: A stop-loss order is a  pre-set (pre-defined) market order to close a position if or when losses reach a cetain threshold.

Stop-Loss Order

Support – In technical analysis, the price level which, historically, a security or currency has resists falling below. It is thought of as the level at which a lot of buyers tend to enter the position causing it to rise. Typically, if the position falls below this level it brings on an influx of sellers […]

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