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CFDs and Orders

CFDs are traded according to the instructions of the trader, and facilitated by the broker to execute on trading decisions. There are a number of orders offered and open to traders which provide a range of controls over the way in which your account is traded, and depending on your exact requirements there's more than likely a relevant order waiting for you to execute your instructions on the brokers side.

Orders are essentially exactly what it says on the tin - any order to do something relating to a trading position. It might be to open or close a position according to the results of your market analysis, or it may be an instruction to behave in a particular way at some future point. Orders are automatically plugged in to your trading account, and give you the flexibility as a trader to leave your computer screen or focus on other elements of your trading without having to keep a constant eye on the performance of your portfolio.

As you become a more accomplished trader, the range of orders you utilise will expand to set certain elements of your trading on autopilot, and relieve much of the burden of watching your positions. Assuming you have conducted your analysis appropriately and orders are placed in a sensible and productive way, they can be a really useful tool to have at your disposal. So what are the main types of orders available to CFD traders, and what functions do they perform?

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