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Our Current Trading Book Picks

Money-Making Candlestick Patterns: Backtested for Proven Results
Author/s: Palmquist, Steve
Editorial Review
Data that took Steve Palmquist years to compile and interpret is now at your fingertips. In this breakthrough guidebook, Palmquist reveals the most effective candlestick patterns and indepth information on back testing for optimal success. Thorough and highly organized, this book teaches you to exploit every move the market makes with cutting-edge chart-reading techniques.

Profit from the Peak
Author/s: Brian Hicks, Chris Nelder;
Editorial Review
According to author Brian Hicks, we are facing the end of our oil-based economy. Not just the United States, but the world. But the coming oil crisis doesn't have to have entirely negative implications. Profit from the Peak shows readers the potential upside to the end of oil and how this event can actually be a positive for investors. It will educate investors on which companies and industries are best positioned to take advantage of the changing marketplace.

rading For A Living Book

Trading for a Living
Author/s: Alexander Elder
Editorial Review
You have just taken a big step away from the crowd of amateurs. By opening Trading for a Living, you’ve resolved to become a successful trader. Dr. Alexander Elder is a professional trader, a world-class expert in technical analysis, and a practicing psychiatrist. He believes that successful trading is based on three M’s: Mind, Method, and Money. First, you will see that the key to winning is inside your Mind. You will find out how to develop discipline and how to avoid the traps of emotional trading. Second, you will learn how to find good trades by using charts, computerized indicators, and other tools. You will discover how to combine several analytic Methods into a powerful trading system. Finally, you will learn how to manage Money in your trading account. The rules for limiting risks are as vital to a trader as a safety net is to a high-wire walker. With this book, you are on your way to mastering a new way of trading stocks, futures, currencies, and options. Dr. Alexander Elder helps you embark on an intense pursuit—trading for a living.

CFDs Specific Trading Books

How to Win as a Stock Market Speculator

Author/s: Alexander Davidson

Editorial Review
This is a crash course in speculation on the stock market. It focuses on proven strategies for making money, whether the market is up or down. This book shows you how to develop a trading system, and presents some little known rules of the game. It will teach you the essentials of stock market speculation, from how to find the right stockbroker, to how to make money selling short and things in between. The pitfalls of specuating in stocks are also addressed."--Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

The Definitive Guide to Contracts for Difference

Author/s: David James Norman

Editorial Review
CFDs, or contracts for difference, provide the investor with unparalleled trading opportunities in today's volatile markets.

CFDs are derivative products that allow you to trade on the price movements of securities and indices without ever owning the underlying asset. They offer a leveraged, flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional trading methods. You can go long or short and hedge open positions in other tradable instruments, thereby enabling you to trade whatever the market conditions.

This book provides an essential guide to these exciting products. Structured in five parts it takes you through everything you need to know, from basic principles, mechanics and strategies, through to understanding the psychology behind your trading, including:

- What a CFD is, how it is priced, and the range of different CFDs and markets available to trade.

- The principles of CFDs and the mechanics of opening, funding and maintaining a CFD trading account, and the different types of account that are available.

- The logistics of trading CFDs including details of tradable markets, the range of underlying instruments and popular trading strategies.

- The benefits and risks of trading CFDs including leverage, shorting, hedging and tax.

- A comparison between CFDs and other trading instruments such as spread betting, covered warrants, options and futures.

- Controlling risk through the use of stop loss limits, trailing stops, guaranteed stops and limited liability orders.

CFDs are an essential part of the smart investor's toolbox, and this book gives you everything you need to make the most of them.

Due for publication on 22 Sep 2008

The UK Trader's Bible
Author/s: Dominic Connolly;

Editorial Review
The only comprehensive UK-published guide to short-term trading

- Combines detailed reference information with the author's advice on strategy and tactics
- Every serious trader in the UK needs this book - not a nice-to-have, but a must-have The book in the author's words: "There has been a quiet revolution in the financial markets in the UK over the last few years, driven by the introduction of electronic trading and the proliferation of the internet both as a means of trading and as a resource. Despite this transformation making the stock market more accessible to a much wider audience, it became clear to me during my time as Chief Strategist at GNI that no clear reference work existed on the modern stock market. There was a great deal of information out there but it didn't seem available in one place. When I left GNI in late summer 2003 I had a unique opportunity to pull that information together in a single volume, based on my experience working for a major UK market maker, a US bank and my involvement at the forefront of contracts for difference trading in the UK. This book aims to fill that gap and to reveal the detailed workings of the UK stock market and related derivatives market. The book also goes beyond that and gives a unique insight to the modern markets and some of the secret opportunities that they present. The book will be of interest not only to those who wish to trade the market full time but also anyone with a desire to interpret the nuances of the modern market and achieve a deeper understanding; essential in getting more from the financial markets." Dominic Connolly

    Good Reads

Liars Poker

By Michael Lewis

Editorial Review
In this shrewd and wickedly funny book, Michael Lewis describes an astonishing era and his own rake's progress through a powerful investment bank. From an unlikely beginning (art history at Princeton?) he rose in two short years from Salomon Brothers trainee to Geek (the lowest form of life on the trading floor) to Big Swinging Dick, the most dangerous beast in the jungle, a bond salesman who could turn over millions of dollars' worth of doubtful bonds with just one call.



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